How can we help you enhance your state of being?

We can help you get out of pain and into balance physically and emotionally while empowering you with some knowledge and tools to help stay there.

Depak Choprah, sharing an anecdote from monastic life in 2018, described his experience walking barefoot on rough ground. He complained to his teacher that his feet hurt. His teacher replied, "Yes, that is so. Notice how when you lift your foot, the one that is not on the ground doesn’t hurt. It feels good. Focus on that."

Although we want to know what ails you and treat your condition so you can live your life with enthusiasm, it is good to notice all that is well with you. Then consider what is a meaningful activity you would like to do that your condition keeps you from doing? Let’s focus on that.

Your path to wellness can start or continue here with our holistic services.

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Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you on your path to holistic wellness.

At Eden Therapy in Courtenay, BC, we are privileged to have a diverse team of practitioners, each bringing unique expertise and passion to our clinic. From Somatic Therapy with Shannon Flaherty, to Massage Therapy with Aurélie Gagnon, to Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture with Chen-Yu Hung, to the therapeutic skills of Max and Olena Naftulyev, the personable touch of Christopher Sherman and holistic treatments of Jude Torchuk, and the yogic knowlege of Rachel Moore.



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