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Aurélie Gagnon


Massage Therapy

Aurélie is a passionate and skilled massage therapist known for her intuitive touch and deep understanding of the body-mind connection. With a certificate from The Canadian College Of Massage and Hydrotherapy and 5 years of experience, Aurélie has perfected her practice in a wide range of modalities including Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Swedish and prenatal massage. She takes a holistic approach to her practice, considering not only the physical, but also the emotional and energetic aspects of her patient’s well- being to provide deeper releases. Aurélie creates a serene and nurturing environment where her clients can relax and get in touch with their well being.

Chen-Yu Hung


Community Acupuncture

Hello! My name is Chen-yu. I came to the Valley from Taiwan with my wife in 2015. As a registered Chinese medicine practitioner I am passionate about helping people relieve pains, regain balance of movement and achieve physical alignment. Other than acupuncture, which is more familiar to people in the west coast, I also use traditional methods such as cupping and scraping to help patients alleviate tensions, aches and imbalances. I also use a certain set of manual adjustment techniques to release tension between skin, tissues, muscle and bones.

I use various diagnostic methods to understand an individual’s unique constitution, and will be able to formulate the most suitable treatment plan to address the patient’s specific needs and guide them towards healing and wellness.

Originally I was a carpenter, specializing in custom furniture making. After coming to Canada, I continued in woodworking, but was beginning to feel the wear and tear it had on my body. I tried acupuncture for the first time and experienced its therapeutic effects. This experience led me to embark on a journey of exploration about healing. I subsequently pursued and completed the Traditional Chinese Medicine Program at Oshio College in Victoria, and became a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2023.

It is my pleasure and honor to serve the people in Comox Valley. Please come try a session with me!

Christopher Sherman


Massage Therapy

I’m a fortunate guy in that I’m happy with my life, my wife and family, and my work. I try my best to spread that positivity and find massage therapy is a great outlet. Throughout my career, starting with graduation of the 3000hr RMT program in 2003 at WCCMT Victoria, I have gained valuable experience and insight working in both clinics as well as luxury spas. My clients will find me well rounded with a handy skillset. I love working with expecting moms and can accommodate both side-lying massage and face down using pregnancy pillows (depending on the grandness of your baby bump). I am also happy to work with athletes, the unfortunately injured, relaxation seekers, and those that are just generally wound tight from the rigours of work and life and in need of a thorough working over.

My style of massage varies with the therapeutic goals of my clients. I generally incorporate a variety of deep tissue, Swedish, range of motion, stretching, and fascial techniques (such as the CoAT method). To coax stress and tension from the body I will blend these into a strong, yet relaxing flow for a good full body overhaul. For more injury based treatments we will utilize whichever combination of techniques is appropriate. All treatments will be tailored to my client’s needs with a focus on educating and empowering them with exercises and home care to allow them to take better charge of their own health and wellness. As a bonus, my clients will also find me a great listener and conversationalist with a sense of humour, but also aware of the value of silence when they just want to zone out and relax. I see massage as a valuable tool for allowing one to get back in touch with their body and enter that blissfully healing state between sleep and consciousness - did you know you can actually snore face down while still being partially awake?? Indeed it is true…

Come visit and I’ll get you ironed out and on the right track :)

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Erica Latta


Community Acupuncture

Hi there! My name is Erica, and I am a Registered Acupuncturist with the CTCMA of British Columbia. I received my Diploma of Acupuncture with the highest distinction from Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC.

From multi-sport athlete to backpack-travelling seeker, I am a dynamic, heart-led human who is curious about others and listens with sincerity and an open mind.

As an enthusiastic student of life and lover of the natural world, my interest in nature-based and holistic healing helped guide my decision to study Chinese Medicine. I humbly give thanks for the opportunity to study and practice this ancient Eastern medicine which has been shared with the West.

My intention is to help folks move through a variety of processes with greater ease - may they be physical, mental-emotional, or energetic in nature - by implementing acupuncture, breath, and presence.

Acupuncture treatment offers us an opportunity to turn our attention inward, inviting us to get quiet and still enough to be present with what is ready to be integrated. With awareness and presence, we come back home to our selves, feeling more connected and attuned to our inner wisdom.

I am an empathic and caring practitioner who trusts in the body’s innate intelligence which naturally orients toward health, healing, and wholeness. It would be my honour and pleasure to support you in this process.

With respect, I give thanks for the opportunity to offer my services within the unceded and traditional territory of the K’ómoks First Nation.

Jude Torchuk


Massage Therapy

My desire to help others began with studying psychology and sociology, but it was after experiencing severe whiplash when I was 17 that I discovered the physical and emotional benefits of holistic health and massage therapy. After graduating from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1997, I deepened my knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and related structures by taking Neuromuscular Therapy, providing deeper and more specific work to the muscles and tendons.

While continuing with my post-graduate training and exploring other therapies for my own healing, I pursued my interests in Craniosacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, learning the very techniques that contributed to my own healing.

My techniques and treatments include CranioSacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Unwinding & Positional Release.

I completed my Advanced Craniosacral Therapy with Upledger Institute in 2011. I have experience working with head trauma (concussion), neck injuries, whiplash, insomnia and an overstimulated nervous system, fatigue, anxiety, stress, headaches, and general overuse, pain and tension within the body. Providing a safe and compassionate space for my clients, I incorporate massage therapy skills with other techniques that enhance the body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to heal itself.

Nikolay Nikolaev

Massage Therapy

Nik finds that his passion towards massage grows with every happy patient that leaves his treatment room. His lifestyle and beliefs coincide closely with the core values of massage therapy and he gets fulfillment being able to promote those attributes of wellness in the community, even more so now that he’s a new father :) A big fan of all sports, Nik is always eager to try himself in something new. Snowboarding, mountain and road biking, running, climbing, gymnastics and yoga are a few of his current favourites. Nik is adept at combining the therapeutic benefits of neuromuscular as well as deep myofascial techniques, including Graston Technique, to help you attain your desired clinical outcome. However, Nik is also skilled and well practiced in the art of relaxation massage, realizing the vast health value in helping people just unwind and shed themselves of stressors.  So whatever your therapeutic goals are, Nik is confident in creating a custom treatment to suit your needs!

Rachel Moore

500 RYT, 300 YTT


“Yoga found me when I needed it most. It transformed me, inspired me, and grounded me”

Rachel is a 500 RYT from Ontario who prides herself on creating a safe space for students where everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin. Her practice that began in Nelson BC, has taken her to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jasper, Tofino and now Courtenay.

Experiencing herself the transformational impact that yoga can have on one’s life, she seeks to nurture her students’ mental, emotional and physical well being. With certifications in yoga for stress and anxiety, as well as anatomy and sequencing, she considers herself a forever student on a quest to spread the joy of yoga.

Whether you are new to the practice or an experienced yogi, Rachel welcomes you.

“Practice and the rest will come” -Rachel Moore 

Sasha Shamriy

Massage Therapy

After an active childhood with 10 years of figure skating and ballet, Sasha has always been a fan of the benefits of massage therapy. 

Sasha moved to Canada from Russia 12 years ago and loves immersing herself in all the readily available nature found here. She is now excited to be a member of the Comox Valley community and is appreciative to have found such an amazing place to raise her family and be of service helping the community stay healthy and fit!

Expect a calm and relaxing environment when you get a treatment with Sasha.  She incorporates a combination of Swedish, myofascial, and neuromuscular techniques to achieve your treatment goals, and is also trained in Graston Technique.  You can feel confident in Sasha’s ability to aid in your transformation from where you are to where you want to be :)

Shannon Flaherty


Somatic Therapy

Hi, I’m Shannon. I’m a Mindfulness-Based Somatic Therapist and Yoga Therapist. I offer body-oriented guidance for holistic healing and mind-body wellness.

I’ve been a student of mindfulness and the mind-body connection since my early teens, when I developed a yoga practice to support me through mental illness and eating disorder recovery. My education and experience in sharing a mindful, body-centred approach to wellness grew from my own recovery journey, and a desire to make these practices accessible to people on all walks of life. At the heart of what I offer is the belief that self-awareness and self-compassion light the way of healing, and I’m here to remind you that you already have everything you need to follow that path.

My intention is to provide a grounded, welcoming space for you to connect with your body and breath, release limiting body-stored experience, develop greater resilience, and feel empowered to express your authentic nature.

Outside of sessions, I am a writer and an artist, and can often be found outdoors with my dog, Dendro.

About Somatic Therapy: Somatic therapy is a holistic modality created to process and release body-stored stress, emotion, and trauma. We integrate gentle movement and restorative postures, breathwork, mindfulness, therapeutic touch, and other somatic practices with the intention of stimulating the body’s innate capacity to find balance.

Our bodies are the keepers of our stories, and we carry our life experience with us in our chemistry, tissues, breathing patterns, and posture. In session, we work together to create space, softness, and movement in order to safely process suppressed emotions and restrictive patterns that affect our health and relationships, and to cultivate a new experience of presence. Informed by research, somatic therapy can be supportive for stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia, PTSD, and more.

I invite you to reach out for more information if you’re curious whether somatic therapy may support you on your wellness journey, or to book a free 15-minute consultation call.

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