Direct Billing 

Direct billing is currently only available for Massage Therapy treatments. All of our Massage Therapists direct bill to Pacific Blue Cross and the insurers under the Telus Health umbrella which are the bulk of our billing, while some offer more options.  A receipt will always be issued with your therapist's licensing # and all pertinent information needed for you to seek reimbursement on your own.  Clients must always be prepared to pay for their own appointment in the event that insurance is declined or not available to direct bill. We do not bill directly to ICBC, WCB, or MSP




 Community Acupuncture

(sliding scale, client's choice)

  • Initial treatment $40-$70
  • Subsequent treatment $30-$60

Massage Therapy (*Rates incusive of GST*)

  • $75/30 minutes
  • $99/45 minutes 
  • $125/60 minutes
  • $156/75 minutes
  • $187/90 minutes

Somatic Therapy

  • $150/90 minutes

Studio Rental (*GST NOT included*)

  • $35/90 minutes - a 60m class with 15m either side for set up/down, essentially $6 per 15 minutes 


  • $18/60 minutes